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Will Witt at MSU: ‘Conservatives are the Counterculture’

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

“Conservatives are the new counterculture. Never sacrifice your values for your grades.”

Author: Sergei Kelley

Will Witt, social media influencer for PragerU, spoke at Michigan State University on November 12, regarding the destruction of the American university. Witt argued that the failures of our universities and cities are because conservatives have given in to the left.

Witt is a speaker for PragerU and produces online content and short videos. The website publishes conservative, lesson-like content that ranges on topics from women’s health to climate change.

Witt’s speech began with a discussion on the prevalence of liberal indoctrination in schools today.

“When you can think and actually see these [leftist] ideas being presented, it turns you into a conservative,” Witt said, referencing his own shift to the right. “Universities are just indoctrination camps.”

Witt also focused on the control of words by liberals, the hypocrisy of “offensiveness codes,” and how the real fight for ideas is now taking place on social media.

“Whoever controls words, controls the culture,” Witt said. He provided examples of these word changes: the shift from “global warming” to “climate change,” how "taking more money from the well-off” has become “everyone paying their fair share,” and opposing a Democrat is “obstruction” but, opposing a Republican is “resistance.”

The conversation on words also incorporated the ongoing battle between the increasing number of pronouns.

“Does the left actually care about these people?” Witt asked. “Are they so compassionate [that] that is why they want to force this speech? Or, is it that they are so set on erasing the differences between men and women?”

Next, Witt discussed truth and its objectivity. “It’s not up for debate,” Witt said, “there is only one truth.” He noted that this newfound subjective truth only emphasizes the hypocrisy of the left. Witt suggests that liberals do not practice what they preach when it comes to inclusiveness or inoffensiveness.

“The people who are supposed to be affected by people being offensive are the ones who don’t even care,” he pointed out.

Witt continued by pointing out further virtue signaling from liberals, like celebrity Leonardo DiCaprio and his supposed stance against climate change. Witt exemplified the hypocrisy of DiCaprio’s stance by talking about the celebrity’s use of jets and cars.

“He probably has a carbon footprint greater than countries in Africa,” Witt said.

The final argument Witt drove home was how the inactivity and isolation of conservatives have led to homologous leftist universities and crumbling cities. Witt joked that this inactivity from conservatives has led to everything bad in California.

“Be scared for it,” Witt said. “Conservatives are the new counterculture. Never sacrifice your values for your grades.”

Witt believes that America is the greatest country in the world, and the unheard prosperity of America post-World War II is what irritates liberals. He pointed out, “[they] need something to complain about. They don’t know what makes America great.”

Contributor: Sergei Kelley

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