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The Watchdog Ep. 1: Students Share Mixed Opinions at Black Empowerment Festival

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Author: Sergei Kelley

Attendees of a black empowerment festival held in the MSU Union on February 2, 2019, gave varying responses to The Morning Watch.

The new series “The Watchdog,” asked multiple attendees of the event multiple questions. The questions revolved around why they went to the event, what the greatest impediments are to black empowerment in America. This linked to the last inquiry of whether the presidential administration has had a positive or negative impact on black empowerment.

There were answers that many interviewees shared, but also contrasted. Only one interviewee thought that the current presidential administration was a benefit to black empowerment.

Multiple attendees said they attended the event to be closer to their community and to celebrate their culture.

This was the first ever black empowerment festival held by the Black Student Alliance and the African American Mentorship Program. Located on the third floor of the MSU Union, there were multiple sections of the festival relating to black history, family, art, and success as indicated by an event flyer. Black history was displayed through a mobile museum.

Artifacts included campaign material from President Barack Obama, black reparations bumper stickers, old children’s books, and photos of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Interviewer: Sergei Kelley

Cameraman: Grant Layle

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