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Student Group Pushing for No-Tolerance “Progressive” GUN BAN at MSU

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Contributor: Bri Saroli

A Students Against Gun Violence at MSU (SAGV) meeting pushed for a gun ban at MSU, shaping a “progressive” policy which includes banning concealed carry.

At their November 19 meeting, they pushed for a policy similar to the University of Michigan’s, “[The] possession of firearms, dangerous weapons and knives (longer than four inches) is not permitted.” This includes individuals with a concealed weapons permit.

This no-tolerance firearms and arms policy is also similar to that of Central Michigan and Western Michigan.

Vice President Brian Krause began the meeting by claiming that gun violence is a “non-partisan issue” and welcomed students who had differing mindsets to join the meeting.

Students Against Gun Violence at MSU sees MSU as an “autonomous university.” The group’s Founder and President, Elizabeth Lancaster stated “you should not have to consult state law in order to understand MSU’s policies.”

"It should just be outlined so that any average person could read it. So, it is just not a good policy, and that is what we are trying to change.”

Michigan State University allows for concealed carry in accordance with Michigan Law. This includes carrying while driving through a college’s campus, but not within a classroom of the college.

The main discussion of the meeting centered around MSU’s “confusing and convoluted” firearms policy as well as a loophole allowing concealed carry. MSU’s policy is, “except as permitted by state law regulating firearms, no person shall possess any firearm or weapon anywhere upon property governed by the Board.”

Last year, the Students Against Gun Violence presented their thoughts about MSU’s policy to the board. Their mission was to change the first sentence of MSU’s policy.

The group proposed the statement should be rewritten as, “No person shall possess any firearm or weapon anywhere upon property governed by the board, regardless of whether the individual has a concealed pistol license or is otherwise authorized by law to possess, charge or use any such device”.

The club was formed by junior Elizabeth Lancaster and sophomore Brian Krause. When first coming to MSU, they were both looking for an organization on campus that dealt with gun control activism. When they were unable to locate one on campus, they formed their own group, and began to advocate for more strict gun laws on MSU’s campus.

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