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(SATIRE) From Mediocre to State Champion: Transgender Track Star

“Victory for MSU?”

Contributor: Thomas West

MSU Women’s Track and Field breakout star, Martina Martingale, shatters NCAA Women’s records in the team's first unofficial practice. Mostly in the field events, Martingale provided shocking numbers either beating or coming close to NCAA records, some of which stood for over 30 years!

Martingale’s high jump eclipsed UCLA’s Amy Acuff’s 1.96m jump from 1995 at 2.05m. Her pole vault destroyed the 4.7m record by SFA’s Demi Payne in 2015 at 4.92m.

The long jump record was similarly obliterated as Martingale’s 7.09m jump hopped over LSU’s Sheila Echols’ 6.94m jump in 1987. Her triple jump came close, barely edging a 14.53m 2016 record by Keturah Orji of Georgia at 14.55m.

Coming out of high school, Martingale had set every track and field record except one and destroyed a countless amount of female state records. All while winning many head to head contests outright.

When found for comment, Martingale said she hoped through her struggle many more transgender athletes will have the courage to stand up and compete. She also spoke about her struggle and ultimate decision to socially transition into a woman, given the backlash she faces every day.

More can be found in her new book, From Mediocre to State Champion: the Transgender Disadvantage. In the book, Martingale talks about the inspiration she got from Texas girls wrestling champion, Mack Beggs, who while transitioning to be a male championed twice in high school girl’s wrestling while undergoing testosterone treatments.

On the story, MSU sophomore Klay Claybourne hesitated and then cautiously remarked, “Victory for MSU?” Another sophomore, Jessica Redmund remarked, “This is a win for women everywhere.”

Martingale will look forward to officially breaking records at MSU’s first track and field event against UM on January 11, 2020.

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