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(OPINION) Fight for America, Because It's Worth the Fight

Contributor: Thomas West

Two hundred and forty-four years ago, on July 4, 1776, the United States Congress formally declared the united colonies would be independent of Britain's tyranny of King George III. This “most memorable epoch in the history of America,” according to John Adams, would inspire other revolutions, and set the modern precedent of putting human liberties and unalienable rights above government.

Today, in our woke cancel culture and amid the rise of neo-Marxism in the political climate, our very Independence Day is at risk. Let me take you back to a political conversation I was having with a liberal friend. Talking about race relations, I predicted within two years, we would have a racial and political civil war on our hands, because of deeper and frankly evil political agendas. I was called patently ridiculous and dared to bet any amount of money.

While we aren’t physically fighting as in the American Civil War, we are dealing with a war of domestic terrorism and a culture war. Let me point to the many acts of arson, overrunning police blockades and torching police cars, attacks against police officers and innocent bystanders, destruction of historical landmarks connected to founding fathers, and the seizure of whole blocks of city property.

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What does this all mean? What are the goals of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) organization? What does the leftist woke mob want?

They want the destruction of America, and in its place, an unreachable utopia of communism. This is easily observed in their goals and their outspoken rhetoric. For example, co-founder of the BLM organization Patrisse Cullors has said, “We are trained Marxists.”

The upheaval of a capitalist and free America begins with the removal of history and rejection of our past and founding. It started with Confederate statues, which I think have an argument to be removed, but has since moved to Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and even Abraham Lincoln, the latter two are often regarded as the greatest presidents in US history. These men were not perfect, but contributed significantly to the improvement of America. The rejection of history is wiping the slate clean, and granting the trajectory of an unattainable communist paradise.

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For so long we have enjoyed the values, culture, prosperity, and greatness of America, but today we face a bigger threat and challenge--from within. The system which produces the greatest wealth, best opportunity, and most innovations in the world is under threat. With the leftist agenda, if you do not concede to the mob, you will be canceled and ostracized. You are part of the problem of wiping the slate clean. Out of shame, weakness, and misplaced fear, individuals and corporations have pandered and submitted. To those who stand true, don’t be shaken.

As the old adage goes, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” It is essential to distinguish the good and terrible parts of our history, and acknowledge where we must learn and be better.

This Fourth of July, be happy, be with family, celebrate, and thank God for the sacrifices of so many to afford the existence of the freest country. However, do not turn a blind eye to what is happening inside our country, do not take for granted the American Dream, and do not be bullied into the rejection of our national history.

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