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(OPINION) A Symptom of Coronavirus: Less Leftist Bias

This is not to trivialize our situation, but a blunt description of a consequence.

Author: Sergei Kelley

The outbreak of the virus known as COVID-19, is no doubt serious, and healthy measures have been taken, which will inadvertently decrease leftist bias and indoctrination at Michigan State University.

The movement to online learning, mandated for the rest of the semester, and an exodus of students back to home disperses the normal environment. In addition, with the health threat looming, students, professors, administrators, essentially everyone is more focused on well being.

As of March 10, there were no confirmed cases in Michigan, but there were rumors of a few infections. A day later it increased to 2 confirmed cases, and on March 11, Michigan State suspended all in-person classes until April 20. They simultaneously recommended students to leave campus, but announced dorms and cafeterias would remain open.

After Michigan’s count reached over 30 on March 14, MSU pushed virtual learning through finals and postponed commencement. Further, MSU’s President stated his concern of students still gathering at bars and downtown East Lansing.

The ‘recommendation’ for students to go home increased to “strongly encourage,” as stated in an email from the President. There has been no word on possible full or partial refunds.

Campus, without classes, student groups meeting, and events is arid. But no doubt so is the leftist bias. Much of what The Morning Watch finds being the best forms of leftist bias, is in the Residence Halls and classrooms. Generally in a passive, constant, sometimes peaking manner.

A class might begin in the year with writing your name and preferred pronoun on a card. No biggie right? A week or two later in this science class, your professor states the assumption of sex in the natural world can’t be assumed to humans. That’s a step up. And then you have a bias workshop. Which asks you to write out biases and to forgive yourself.

The residence halls are more indirect. There the leftist events, workshops, and so forth that are voluntary. But then there are drag queen name tags, or flyers in October directing culturally sensitive costumes, or microaggression presentation boards.

Within 12 hours after the first Coronavirus cases in Michigan, all that was whisked away. Sure indoctrination might occur through online class format, but with the new format it is harder to keep student interaction or attention.

This is not to trivialize or mock our current situation, but a blunt description of a consequence.

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