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(OPINION) A Morning Watch Contributor’s Top 3 Articles and Why

Contributor: Bri Saroli

Writing articles for The Morning Watch has been a pleasure because it provides an opportunity to highlight and inform about the leftist bias that happens on campus.

This is important to me and should be to everyone, because objectively uncovering any bias on a college campus helps make an inclusive campus.

Out of the several articles I have written, these are my favorites.

One of my stories, “Student Group Pushing for No-Tolerance “Progressive” GUN BAN at MSU,was very interesting and unique. Students Against Gun Violence at MSU, knowing who I was, welcomed me and allowed me to stay and write. Showing civil conversation, both myself and members of the group could discuss important issues without resorting to ill will or name calling.

While I was at odds with several of their proposals for stricter gun laws on campus, some points were good. For example, they advocate for MSU to make their policies more clear and explicit, so more people can understand them. This I can agree with.

Riveting to write, “MSU Class: Understanding Patriarchy Assigned, Syllabus Says, “Keep an Open Mind” About Incest,” the article highlighted a severely biased MSU class.

The information I gathered interested me because of the extremely clear bias in class discussion and lectures. This class presented everything from blaming all men for the perpetuation of sexism, to the premise that Americans are living in an imperialist and capitalist white supremacist society.

As MSU student Katie Kobiljak remarked, these classes make “many assumptions and does not reflect America today.” Several examples cited in the article indicate the class does not incorporate opposing or differing views, which is so crucial in teaching a class. The class excludes our current situation and evidence to help form a full story or account of what’s taught.

Lastly, the most interesting article I wrote came with many different viewpoints, was “All Political Donations from Faculty of MSU’s James Madison College Went to the Left.”

The responses to this article were very mixed and wide ranging.

The Morning Watch investigated donations from faculty members in MSU’s James Madison College (JMC). In this article, I wrote about the data I received from my team. The data, provided by the Federal Elections Commission, is publicly available.

The data showed all faculty who made political donations from 2017-2018, went to Democrat candidates or leftist organizations such as Act Blue. The data showed no donations to Republican candidates or conservative organizations.

In this article, I meant to take no opinion on the matter and simply write about the data that I had in front of me, as well as bringing in facts from other universities dealing with the same issue.

The responses varied from supportive to opposing, with the belief it was opinion based, which it was not. This opposition was from individuals both on the left and the right.

I want to make clear I appreciate James Madison College, their professors and faculty and MSU as a whole. The college has proved to be bipartisan and the faculty have been quite understanding of different political ideologies.

I have also seen the college and some professors being helpful to MSU organizations across the political spectrum. Again, this was not an opinion piece, rather it was written on factual and public data.

Bipartisanship and civil discourse are what everyone should strive for when speaking about different political ideologies. The articles I write for The Morning Watch are meant to objectively uncover instances of leftist bias. I appreciate the verified information the publication puts forth, as well as uncovering the truth about what happens on our campus and revealing leftist partiality, in an objective and factual manner.

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