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Prompts in MSU Survey State Blacks as “Monkeys,” Use ‘N’ Word Repeatedly

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

"The survey attempted to measure 'aggressiveness, offensiveness, and emotionality.'"

Words have been partially edited

Authors: Sergei Kelley and Mark Klein

A survey prompt states, “haha there is nothing ‘positive’ about N*****S let alone the word that describes N*****S.”

Prompts obtained by The Morning Watch describe blacks as monkeys, cite “annoying woke retard” Asians as having “a decreased field of vision,” and state Muslims as, “smelly sand n*****s.”

The survey attempted to measure “aggressiveness, offensiveness, and emotionality.” Researchers from MSU and the University of Iowa alleged the messages were taken from social media sites.

Over 150 prompts were about multiple groups, including African Americans, Whites, Asians, LGBTQ, and vegans. Students could respond how offensive, positive, stereotypical, funny, negative, or prejudiced they found the statements.

One prompt stated, “Asians act like they’re the only people on the f***ing planet. If only hitler was reborn in Asia right now that would be f***ing awesome.”

Another, “Homos. F*****s. Dick loving pricks. I hate them...put a bullet in your mouth and suck on the tip of a loaded gun.”

In the beginning of the survey, respondents are warned. “Some of the statements included in this study might be offensive for the use of racially charged and profane language.” The survey was voluntary and complete responses were not required.

This isn’t MSU’s first provocative survey. According to Campus Reform, in February 2018, MSU asked students if they’ve ever “gagged on a penis.” The survey asked students about pornography and sex toy habits.

MSU’s recent survey, now inactive, came less than a week before two alleged toilet paper nooses were hung on a student’s dorm door. In an email, MSU claims the incident in the hall against African American residents was a Halloween prank.

Survey prompts continued, “Go work on your suicide vest you dirty f***king muslim,” and “What do you call black-on-black crime? Gorilla warfare.”

MSU freshman Kennedy Parker told The Morning Watch, “I don’t believe that the psychology department or administration would allow for this to be created.”

The survey by MSU, “targets several & every single comment is a racial stereotype & is extremely hurtful and offensive,” Parker continued. She is studying human biology.

Responses would be kept for at least three years, and only for research purposes.

View survey prompts here.

Contributors: Sergei Kelley and Mark Klein

Article has been updated for accuracy.

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