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BREAKING: MSU Student gov calls ICE Detrimental, Makes Demands

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

“The discussion was entirely about how we could stop ICE or obstruct them to protect illegal immigrant students.”

Author: Sergei Kelley

A new MSU student government resolution cites ICE as detrimental and disruptive to students' health and safety.

The Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU) demands ICE send a two week notice before a campus visit, and calls on MSU Police Department to escort ICE agents.

Rumors of ICE in dorms days before, “has sent shockwaves of fear through the MSU student community,” started the resolution. Seconder Maysa Sitar said, “there isn’t a public university policy on what happens if ICE comes to campus...knowing ahead of time would help reduce any fear or trauma students may experience.”

“The discussion was entirely about how we could stop ICE or obstruct them to protect illegal immigrant students,” an unnamed student told The Morning Watch.

“While ‘debate’ was going on, I was just thinking that there is no real way we can enforce this,” a representative said anonymously.

The passed resolution demands notification “of any ICE presence on campus by the MSU alert system at least 2 weeks prior,” and for ICE agents to be escorted by MSU police.

Furthermore, “MSU must abide by the ‘Memorandum for Field Office Directors, Special Agents in Charge, Chief Counsel.’” Additionally the resolution cited DACA protections.

Following rumors of ICE agents on campus, students were alerted by several groups. Dreamsu, Students United for Palestinian Rights, and the MSU Women’s Council sent messages stating, “stay safe and tell your friends. Do not give them permission to enter your dorm.”

ICE denied the rumors, telling Focal Point News, “we’ve had no action on campus.” There is no current evidence proving otherwise.

Some student groups have appeared to delete the messages.

“This was a panicked situation and I see this bill as a way to mitigate that panic,” ASMSU Rep. Parker Bunton told The Morning Watch. A procedure, “can be implemented as every student receives day in and day out an email of criminal activity.”

Contributor: Sergei Kelley

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