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Michigan State University Residential College Funds Fascist Posters

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

"The boards are representative of student organizations in the building and neighborhood."

Author: Sergei Kelley

At the start of the 2018-2019 school year finds Lyman Briggs College funding public display boards that include posters declaring; “The Future is Female,” “Resist, Persist, Steminist,” “Refuse NRA blood money,” and “Stop Trump, Pence.”

Lyman Briggs College is an undergraduate college at Michigan State that is dedicated to bridging the gap between the sciences and humanities. The core science classes include biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics.

Students enrolled at Lyman Briggs, in addition to the core sciences, take classes in the History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science. Further information of the Lyman Briggs College can be found on their website.

The display boards, each well over 3’ by 6’, are titled “Briggs Multicultural Alliance” and “Women in Science.”  They are run by the Briggs Multicultural Alliance, Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and Spectrum, Michigan State’s gay alliance group. Lyman Briggs College, which makes up Holmes Hall in East Campus, funds these groups and offers the boards to the groups’ disposal.

In addition, another large display board, titled “Black Lives Matter” is run by the East Neighborhood Black Caucus.

Brittanie Daugherty, the community director of Holmes Hall indicated in a October 2 meeting that the above groups, “have the say-so” on what is put on the boards and, “cannot violate hate-speech codes or be inflammatory or incite violence.” She further addresses that the boards are there for those groups to share their messages.

Responding to the inquiry whether students had input on what was posted, she responded, “the boards are representative of student organizations in the building and neighborhood, and therefore the students involved in those organizations have the say of what goes on those boards.”

Author: Sergei Kelley

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