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MSU Black Alliance DEMANDS Validation of Perceived Bias, and More Minority Leaders

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

"Two racially insensitive situations...has taken an emotional toll on Black Students."

Author: Nate Shallal

Students are demanding MSU Residence Housing and Education Services (REHS), “validation of the experiences of targeted communities even where it may be perceived as not a bias incident.”

The Black Student Alliance makes demands after “two racially insensitive situations...has taken an emotional toll on Black Students,” according to a statement.

President Stanley of Michigan State, MSU’s student government, colleges, and others have released statements in regards to bias and alleged bias events on campus.

Events include a noose in a dorm, racist prompts in an MSU survey, and according to MSU’s President, invited Customs Border and Protection agents at an MSU class.

According to MSU’s undergraduate student government, ASMSU, the noose “exemplifies the continuous oppression and violence that the Black Community has faced historically.”

The MSU Muslim Association calls for bias training of students and faculty, and condemn “all forms of hatred and bigotry.” The James Madison College Student Senate, in a statement, “believes MSU should be a safe haven...without fear of isolation of prejudice concerning race, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity...or any other identity.”

Among the demands to REHS are:

-Validation of the experiences of targeted communities even in the case where it may be perceived as not a bias incident

-We demand The No Hate Crimes Statement should be circulated and sent to students frequently and the university should take a clear stance on hate crime and bias instances

-An official policy/statement on racial discrimination/intimidation, and that it be fully enforced

-We demand that each Hall Government plans and executes at least 2 diversity centered programs per year

-Increase of minority representation within leadership of REHS

Alleged bias and bias events include a taped noose created with toilet paper hanging on the outside of an MSU student’s dorm door. REHS has claimed the event was a Halloween plank.

Additionally, a professor released a College of Communication Arts and Sciences Sona based survey which included slurs, and numerous explicit stereotypes against minority students.

After backlash, which has circulated national attention, a college department chair stated in an email, “I say thank you for communicating your concerns...I remain committed to...ensuring an appropriate level of mindfulness in all research endeavors.”

Since these events, the Black Student Alliance has held a town hall, and a forum on the survey is being held October 29, and a protest outside the Hannah Administration building October 27.

The State News recently published a timeline of racist incidents since 2016 which highlighted an MSU student who “posed with someone in a gorilla suit in an Instagram post...a shoelace noose in a dorm,” and furthermore when a student made racist remarks in her Snapchat.

The States News said the gorilla suit, “was intended to mock female African American high school kicker Ashton Brooks.” And in a later article, the noose was cited as dismissed as a package shoelace.

The Morning Watch reached out to the Black Student Alliance and ASMSU but did not receive comment in time for publication.

Contributor: Nate Shallal

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