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‘Reverse the Privilege’ Table at MSU Gives Free Masks to Minorities, Charges $10 for Whites

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Free masks and gloves for ‘MINORITIES ONLY’

Author: Sergei Kelley

At Michigan State University, a tabling event offering free masks and gloves for ‘Minorities Only’ gets shut down and significant pushback.

Placed near Brody cafeteria, the table advertised “Free Masks and gloves for MINORITIES ONLY!!” It’s “$10 PER ITEM for White People!” the large sign stated.

The tabling began at 1:00PM on October 26.

Designed as a ‘social experiment’ by MSU student MeAnna Durham, it offered free masks and gloves to non-whites, to “demonstrate how minorities and disabled persons have been negatively impacted by the pandemic versus other groups. I wanted to reverse the privilege,” the student tweeted.

Shut down in less than 24 hours, it’s “honestly hilarious due to the fact that MSU has had multiple racist incidents that never get addressed,” MeAnna rebuked. “But a black woman, trying to give privilege to those who lack, and all of a sudden it[‘]s a problem?”

“It's a disturbing display of racism and hypocrisy. She's trying to justify her actions to fit her leftist narrative,” Caity Martin, President of MSU Turning Point USA told The Morning Watch.

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Appearing above several negative comments towards the tabling, Young Americans for Freedom at MSU asked on Twitter, “Was this a university sanctioned event @michiganstateu?”

Several negative comments, with few positives, flowed from a Reddit post.

MeAnna shares her tabling was part of a class project to highlight race disparity in regards to the COVID pandemic.

My class is Experimental Design. My whole project is stems from the topic 'civil rights'. To get deeper into such a broad topic, my group member and I narrowed it down to the question 'How has the pandemic affected minorities and disabled persons and how can we remedy these effects?,'" MeAnna clarified to The Morning Watch.

Further, “Statistically speaking, minorities have a higher rate of cases and deaths due to COVID compared to white people.”

MeAnna further said, “i chose to create the table as a FAKE tactical way, to show how it feels to give FREE necessities to those who aren’t used to being able to obtain them so easily.”

Earlier this spring, MSU shut down a segregated conference event as reported by The Morning Watch.

The annual Spring Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Student Success planned to have ‘affinity group’ sessions, where attendees would have been separated to “provide spaces for people to work within their own identity groups.”

The Morning Watch has reached out for other comment and will update the article accordingly.

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