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Less Stereotypes Because Most Students Vote Blue, Cites Islam and Feminism Panel

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

“Most students vote blue so stereotypes aren’t as prevalent.”

A Morning Watch Contributor

An Islam and feminism panel claimed fewer stereotypes exist towards Muslim students at MSU because “most students vote blue.”

In addition, the panel claimed “most Islamic scholars would say they’re against same-sex marriage.”

Hosted by the United Madison Multicultural Association and the James Madison College (JMC) Student Senate, the panel professors and students who discussed their thoughts on the issues surrounding women’s rights in Islam.

At the panel, a question was asked, “have you found any stereotypes, in particular at MSU, around being Muslim?”

Panelists shared experiences of being “called out.” Shortly into discussion, a panelist said, “most students vote blue so stereotypes aren’t as prevalent.” Immediately, panelists nodded their heads in agreement and showed their support of her opinion.

The panel focused on the coexistence of Islam and feminism. Members of the panel explained that there are many misconceptions surrounding Islam and feminism.

On the topic of sexism, Dr. Linda Sayed from JMC said, “some translations of the Koran are more misogynistic than others...sexism in the Islamic world is something cultural, not religious.”

“Lots of women use Islam to fight for feminism,” rebuked a student.

Discussing stereotypes, Dr. Muhammad Khalil, a professor of Religious Studies, alleged a Muslim student was harrassed after election day in 2016, saying “a brilliant student was being yelled at and then told to go back to where you came from, f-this, f-that.”

Khalil further mentioned, “a professor asked students wearing hijab ‘how do I know you aren’t hiding a bomb under that?” The professor's name was not mentioned by Dr. Khalil.

The event continued with a question and answer session.

Questions asked sparked conversation on other topics. On homosexuality, Dr. Khalil explained, “most Islamic scholars will tell you they’re against same-sex marriage but not homosexuality.”

As the event concluded, the panelists added their final thoughts, some choosing to address political policies such as the “Muslim ban,” and “NSA surveillance on predominantly Muslim communities.”

Ending her comments, the last panelist to speak added “free Palestine!”, to which the audience applauded.

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