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July 4 Survey Overwhelmingly Positive, Some Responses Very Negative

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Author: Sergei Kelley

While overwhelmingly 92 percent of respondents think positively about July 4th, the other eight percent think the complete opposite, in responses ranging from “pooping on the flag,” and “burn[ing] an American flag.”

Seeming already pumped for the holiday, a few respondents wrote multiple sentences expressing their patriotism and appreciation, because, “the life we have today is because of 1776!”

A total 118 self identified Michigan State University students took the survey. Launched on June 26, and run until July 2, the survey was designed by The Morning Watch, and included basic demographics plus three questions relating to the holiday.

View the results here.

When it came to negative responses, the largest came from the survey question, “What do you think about on July 4?” These responses included everything from America’s “legacy of colonialism”, violence against the US President, and the placement of people “in concentration camps” at the border.

On the contrary, the bulk of respondents said they think most about the Revolutionary War and freedom. Thinking about fireworks and partying filled the next highest percentage, at 18 percent. Following, were respondents saying they think about family, veterans, and active service members, and food. Respectivly 17 percent, 13 percent, and nine percent.

Mentioned foods include pizza, “sugar cookies with the colored frosting,” and, of course, hotdogs.

Not to anyone's surprise, most celebrate Independence Day with family and friends: 78 percent. Seven percent celebrate exclusively with just friends or family.

Of those who celebrate the holiday, around half participate with fireworks (52 percent). Next highest commonality is celebrating with some form of food, barbecued or grilled (40 percent).

There are some stark differences between the responses that show divisions in how Spartans feel about the 4th. Some are in high appreciation of Independence Day, while some have large reservations. However, the survey still shows that a large majority of MSU students, 90 percent, celebrate the holiday in a positive light.

Contributor Sergei Kelley

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