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(OPINION): Indoctrination of Young Adults the College Way: Conservatives Are Cast Out

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

"The rare time that students hear the other side of an argument is after inquiry or objection."

Author: Brianna Saroli

We love to talk about equality across the United States on college campuses, however, where is the equality when it comes to college professors teaching political classes?

In these situations, we find that the majority of professors will only tell one side of the story -- the liberal side.

Research by Gallup shows that 61% of college students believe their campuses suffocate free speech and expression and 7% of students “prefer a campus climate where all speech is allowed.” But if free speech is suppressed, students cannot speak out against people and professors, therefore, a professor’s opinions that are taught are not to be challenged.

Furthermore, we still have the unanswered question as to why students hear mostly liberal ideologies in the classroom. The answer may lie in a faculty voter registration study. This study included voter registration of 7,243 professors. The study concluded that registered Democrats outnumbered Republicans 12 to 1.

A recent leftist indoctrination example comes from MSU Professor Jennifer Sykes' lecture. She told how author Iris Marion Youngs believes that the best way to understand the inclusion and participation of everyone in full citizenship is through this differentiated citizenship. Sykes asserts that “the inclusion and participation of everyone in social and political institutions sometimes requires the articulation of special rights that attend to group differences in order to undermine oppression and disadvantage.”

Another example, at Michigan State University, Professor Theodore Ransaw went further to explain the oppression in America and the need for social citizenship rights as for civil and political rights. These social rights being access to economic welfare and security and social heritage.

The lectures above support the theory of multiculturalism. This is a socialist and extremely liberal view. If lectures are given from this position, then why not give examples that exemplify other positions as well? Possibly examples against multiculturalism, and how it does not work and is a hypocrisy in itself. The rare time that students hear the other side of an argument is after inquiry or objection. But as the Gallup poll suggests, students are not interested in hearing opposing viewpoints.

Why don’t the professors tell the students about what is happening in Germany now? They have failed at implementing multiculturalism. Due to this practice, you now find small isolated societies based on those values, beliefs and cultures of immigrants. Immigrants that come to any country should assimilate to that country’s values, culture, language and laws. Whether the country is Germany or the United States of America. Accommodating a structure of multiculturalism eventually destroys the foundation of a country.

Furthermore, why aren’t students told about Venezuela and their failed attempt at socialism? Teaching this is not opinionated, but a real life example that is happening right now. These real life examples squash the opinion, ideas, and theories of the most recent leftist lectures and that’s why they are rarely presented in a college classroom.

These types of lectures become more prominent and one sided as students get closer to the voting age. The majority of professors will attempt to fill the minds of students with ideas that primarily go against conservative ideals and the Republican party platform.

This continuous position by countless professors and campuses is indoctrination of college students. Student’s voices are being suppressed and their learning is now impeded.

Contributor: Brianna Saroli

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