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From National Recognition to Growing Reputation, the Second Year a Success

Author: Sergei Kelley

Nearly 40,000 views on content. Referenced over 20 times on national publications. Surpassed 100 articles for the first time, finishing the year at 105.

The second year of The Morning Watch was nothing short of successful, and the publication will further expand in the upcoming year. In just two years, MSU’s watchdog publication has grown national recognition and reputation on campus and across the state.

Additionally, the team of staff and contributors has more than doubled since starting, and the publication has been successful in fundraising efforts. Furthermore, our pieces have been cited and used by Michigan politicians to provide input on bills relating to higher education and academic freedom.

The Morning Watch, still less than two full years old, launched October 8, 2018. It’s beginning was spearheaded by then senior Chrissy Clark, in collaboration with The Leadership Institute and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute. We have since continued collaboration with both organizations.

Our on-campus presence has grown significantly. Besides an increase of distaste by leftist students, our articles have stirred university administrators and professors. We heard two separate accounts of Community Directors, and at least some Cultural Aides, being uncomfortable and angry towards articles by The Morning Watch.

Especially our report on the microaggression and cultural appropriation boards, which received hundreds upon hundreds of views.

We are in the final plans of adding another section to our reporting which would highlight events and otherwise on campus which show strong bipartisanship and unity. For example, the 9/11 Memorial in the fall. Additionally, we are exploring the option of covering conservative events and groups.

Junior Sergei Kelley became Editor-in-Chief in May 2019. The publication’s Fall 2019 staff further included Derek Hosford, Emma Crabtree, Tadarian Rogers, and Mark Klien. Our Spring 2020 staff consisted of Sergei Kelley, Shad Soldano, Emma Crabtree, Tadarian Rogers, and Mikka Lawson.

We ended Spring 2020 with a full team of contributors consisting of Brianna Saroli, Anthony Barash, Jack Carlson, Grant Layle, Thomas West, Craig Orji, Cole Maloof, and David Barton.

Regardless of government and college action coming into the fall semester amid coronavirus, we hope to increase our readership, recognition, and staff and contributor team.

We are grateful for the readers and supporters of The Morning Watch. Please consider donating HERE or through our website under the "Donate" tab.

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