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CANCELED: Racially Segregated Group Sessions at MSU Conference Over Pushback

Author: Sergei Kelley

An upcoming Michigan State University conference for educators planned to separate attendees between ‘White Folx’ and ‘People of Color.’

The annual Spring Conference on Teaching, Learning, and Student Success planned to have ‘affinity group’ sessions, where attendees would have been separated to “provide spaces for people to work within their own identity groups.”

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The MSU Academic Advancement Network announced the cancellation of the affinity group sessions on April 30. The Morning Watch asked the network why they canceled the sessions.

MSU Diversity and Inclusion Communications Manager Henry Mochida responded to The Morning Watch saying, “This optional activity established for the Spring Conference was not intended to be discriminatory. Nonetheless, we regret the impact the invitation had on some.”

“We have decided to cancel the sessions. All conference participants are welcome to attend all sessions and we are no longer inviting individuals to join based on identity. Additional information will be shared with attendees soon,” Mochida further explained.

The Morning Watch first reported the planned segregated sessions on April 14. Since then, the story “MSU Profs Conference Will Segregate ‘White Folx’ and ‘People of Color’“ has reached over 2,500 views, the second highest read article for the publication.

The conference itself is still scheduled for May 4-7, read more about it here.

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