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“Blacks...set up to fail” Says MSU Guest Speaker, Calls for “Disruptors”

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

“Every white person born into today’s society is born with a 400 year head start over black people.”

Contributor: John J. Binkowski II

A recent guest speaker at an MSU lecture series railed against inequalities citing “psychological terrorism,” white privilege, and slavery.

Dr. Kevin Murriel, a Senior Pastor of Cascade Methodist Church from Atlanta, Georgia, spoke at the Dr. William G. Anderson “Slavery to Freedom” lecture series on February 6, 2020.

Murriel stated the world we live in today represents a system which uses “psychological terrorism” to attract viewers and followers, and in essence, gain their support.

View a recording from The Morning Watch of the event here.

“The system is set up for those in the majority to succeed and excel, while blacks and minority groups are set up to fail” Murriel stated. He transitioned from institutional racism to the aspect of white privilege in the United States.

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He claimed, “every white person born into today’s society is born with a 400-year head start over black people since they never had to overcome the barrier of slavery and apartheid.”

Also he explained, “the whites have a set of assets given to them every single day that they didn’t work for, that they have the ability to cash in on, just because of the color of their skin.”

Further, “All minority groups are forced to work 2-3 times as hard as whites to receive even a fraction of the respect and gratitude they receive for the same work.”

Next, he cited the rules of engagement involving blacks and law enforcement. (Hands on the steering wheel, no quick movements, have license and registration ready without having to reach for it, etc.) He claims blacks are constantly being shot by police and named over ten African Americans who were killed by police.

He moved on to speak about what these institutions have done to aid these issues by saying, “Arguably one of the best presidents of the United States, Barack Obama, had a vision for change and progress for minority groups.”

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Murriel spoke on the importance of reformation in various sections of the current system. “When black people are incarcerated six times as much as white people, it’s time for reform!”

He moved on to call the system a “prison-like system,” choosing to punish those that are easily vulnerable for scrutiny. “Call it out and agitate the system,” he demanded. Encouraging people to become “disruptors,” he preached protest and uprising as positive in making real change.

Finally, he named activists that have fulfilled their job of a disruptor in society. “We need more Greta Thunberg’s in the world, as climate change is a social justice issue”.

Murriel holds a profession as an outspoken preacher, putting social activism and racial reconciliation at the top of his priority list, speaking at colleges and universities across the nation.

After introducing himself at the beginning of the lecture, and thanking MSU for hosting him, he described his experiences growing up in Brandon, Mississippi. He described how KKK members would congregate around a statue of Robert E. Lee and praised him reading while reading aloud the inscriptions written below the statue.

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