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A Review of The Morning Watch’s First Year

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Author: Sergei Kelley

Michigan State University saw its first conservative publication, The Morning Watch, launch October 8, 2018, spearheaded by then senior Christine Clark in collaboration with The Leadership Institute and the InterCollegiate Studies Institute.

Started by six conservative leaders, an unknown publication would in just months’ time have significant campus and national recognition.

Having our story ,titled, “FAILED: Bill to Remove Conservative ASMSU Representative" picked up by Ben Shapiro’s Dailywire aids foremost to our mission of reporting on liberal bias.

Between October 2018 and April 2019, dozens of cases of radical liberal bias were reported on, that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. This is the publication's proudest accomplishment.

We are thankful for our many great contributors who took time to go to events, collect comments, and write articles. Their work is the most important; they are the frontline of The Morning Watch, and in a greater sense, the conservative movement.

In total, our stories have been viewed by thousands, with many receiving hundreds of views a piece, and two of our works receiving over one thousand views each. These two works included a hitting news piece analyzing the campaign donations of James Madison College professors, and a widely circulated opinion piece on the relation of CORES (Council of Racial and Ethnic Students) and COPS (Council of Progressive Students) to ASMSU.

Without missing a beat, The Morning Watch began two video series: The Reaction by Editor-in-Chief Christine Clark, and The Watchdog by Executive Editor Sergei Kelley and cameraman Grant Layle. These series brought to life and delivered to students political topics and current events here at Michigan State University.

The Morning Watch is incredibly thankful for its founding team of Christine Clark, Sergei Kelley, Derek Hosford, Sam Larey, Libby Pozza, and Adam Green, and our team for next year will bring the growing publication to new heights. We are delighted to have added Emma Crabtree, Tadarian Rogers, and Olivia Martin for this endeavor.

The 2019-2020 academic year will be another year of opportunities for MSU’s independent conservative publication, and with goodwill and faith, we hope to grow our reach on campus. Further within the MSU colleges, further within ASMSU, further into the administration, and most importantly, further into the student body.

As the spearhead of The Morning Watch’s founding and first Editor-in-Chief Christine Clark graduates and heads off to be a staff writer for The Federalist, I, Sergei Kelley, the new Editor-in-Chief, am greatly thankful for her work.

Through good faith I will steer the publication to grow in its reporting on liberal bias, strengthen our resolve to our motto of “Objectivity not Subjectivity,” and be our best in the conflict of leftist indoctrination and growing anti-Americanism on our university.

The success of our first year to begin paying our contributors, run the website, hold meetings, and build a significant social media platform, among many things, would have been much more difficult to achieve without the generosity of our donors. Please consider donating to keep the publication growing!

You can donate HERE or through our website under the "Donate" tab.

We are thankful for such a great first year and we hope to continue the expansion of our reporting as MSU’s independent conservative publication, The Morning Watch.

Contributor: Sergei Kelley

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